In this special edition, everyone can bid to host the first ever special of DSC! You have to choose an (amazing) venue and choose presenters of course and you have to make a logo. Everyone can vote when the bidding deadline is over. You can choose an singer from whole Europe or the whole world. You don't have to choose a singer from your on country. So, Lithuania can choose a singer from Ireland for example.

Dream Song Contest Special 1
Final dates TBA
Venue TBA
Presenter(s) TBA
Conductor Netherlands Bouke
Director Netherlands Bouke
Executive supervisor Netherlands Bouke
Host TBA
Opening act TBA
Interval act TBA
Number of entries 9 (So far)
Debuting countries All
Returning countries -
Withdrawing countries -
Voting system Like Eurovision
Null points TBA
Winning song TBA
Dream Song Contest Special
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Host buildingEdit



Country Artist Song Place Points
Lithuania2 Lithuania Aisling "Hallelujah"
Azerbaijan2 Azerbaijan Polina Gagarina "Shagay"
Sweden2 Sweden Lara Fabian "Caruso"
Luxembourg2 Luxembourg
Ukraine2 Ukraine Ani Lorak "Medlenno"
Flag of British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
Macedonia2 Macedonia
Ireland2 Ireland Madam Piano "Eternal Love"
Turkmenistan2 Turkmenistan Softengine "All About You & I"


G = Greenroom

Country Venue Presenters Theme Image
Azerbaijan2 Azerbaijan The Crystal Hall, Baku Safura Alizadeh, Leyla Aliyeva & Nigar Jamal (G) 'Raise The Volume!' The logo
Ireland2 Ireland The Waterfront, Belfast Moya Brennan & Brian Kennedy TBA To be created
Lithuania2 Lithuania Siemens Arena, Vilnius Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila 'Love your life' To be created
Luxembourg2 Luxembourg Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart Echosmith 'Unlimited Freedom' To be created
Sweden2 Sweden Scandinavium, Gothenburg Måns Zelmerlöw, Petra Mede & Sarah Dawn Finer '#HEROES!' The logo
Ukraine2 Ukraine National Palace of Arts "Ukraina", Kyiv Anna Trincher None yet The logo