Junior Eurovision Songs are allowed. You can use songs who are made in 2003 - 2014. Also from national selections It is a contest for all the countries at the world. If you want to join, send an e-mail to This song contest will held once in the two months. And ONLY the JESC singers can be older than 15, 'cause when they sang the song they were younger. A non JESC participant can also be older than 15, IF they sang the song when they were 15 or younger. For example: Someone sang the song in 2012 (when he/she was 14). Now it is 2015, and it was his/her birthday on 2 January, he/she is now 17. But the song was sang when he/she was 14 so the song is eligible.

Junior Dream Song Contest 2
Final dates April 2015
Venue TBA
Presenter(s) TBA
Conductor Netherlands Bouke
Director Netherlands Bouke
Executive supervisor Netherlands Bouke
Opening act -
Interval act -
Number of entries 2 (So far)
Debuting countries TBA
Returning countries -
Withdrawing countries TBA
Voting system Like Eurovision
Null points TBA
Winning song TBA
Junior Dream Song Contest
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Country Artist Song Place Points
Ukraine2 Ukraine
Australia2 Australia Marlisa "Stand By You"